The Sanctuary by Caimeli is a place unique unto itself. Majestically perched among the green Umbrian mountains, and basking under beautiful blue skies, The Sanctuary is an 18th century olive plantation situated in nature, stillness and peace galvanizing our body, soul and inner being.

The Experience

We can only describe this tranquil environment as “a posto,” or simply; “everything is in order and in its place.” Majestically perched among the green Umbrian mountains, and basking under beautiful blue skies, Caimeli is a 40-acre olive plantation situated in an environment of incomparable natural beauty. Whether you are involved in one of our programs (or merely renting our facilities in a self-catering capacity), the region offers exquisite foods, delicious wines, and a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. In addition, any vegetables, fruits, cheese and meats offered to you while staying at Caimeli will be either produced on-site or bought directly from local farmers. Pastas and pizzas are homemade and, of course, will always be mixed with Caimeli’s fabulous olive oil. Caimeli peacefully awaits your arrival offering a remarkable setting where chic luxury and idle self-indulgence are naturally available to compliment any Umbrian experience.

The Mission and Philosophy

The Sanctuary by Caimeli is committed to protecting its environment. Sustainable farming and yearly planting of new olive trees, collecting rainwater for our needs, and bio-waste feed for the horses are all part of the process. We have also installed solar panels for the heating of the swimming pool and frown highly upon plastic bottles for any usage. We hope that our guests will understand from their stay their human impact on the biophysical environment, ecosystem, biodiversity and natural resources caused directly or indirectly by their lifestyle and become more environmentally friendly.

About James Feinberg

I was born on a winter’s day in a medium size New England town. After college, I spent a short time in both Mississippi and New York City, and then moved to Asia with Hong Kong becoming my home base for the next decade and a half. The experiences from living in the most populated area of the world to the empty sand beaches of the region were amazing. I plunged into the Asian culture with Yoga, Wing Chung and all the plethora of different cuisines available to me from the lowly hawker stand to the Michelin star restaurants. I became influenced by the minimalism and stoicism of the cultures and with the savoir vivre which they embellished. Wishing to continue my adventures elsewhere other than Asia, I made a short sojourn in New York was smitten by a blond, blue-eyed Schwaben at Dean and Deluca and began the next chapter of my life in Europe; specifically Germany.

At this time I took up the quest with my family of a life of “Dolce Vita”  and eventually I stumbled upon this property in Umbria that fulfilled my imagination of peace, tranquility, off the grid, sustainable, yet extremely close to the village and a wonderful morning cappuccino. The property was an 18th century olive plantation with a manor house and tobacco tower with groves of olive trees surrounded by empty green hills.

Since 2002, I have been patiently restoring the property with a focus of being part and living in the eco system of our valley while simultaneously promoting the wine, our olive oil and truffles produced locally from small family owned wineries to the public in Europe via tastings. In 2010 I opened the Sanctuary as a yoga retreat as well as an olive plantation.  

I am a globalist having lived on three different continents and this experience and knowledge has led me to create a cuisine of many different fusions from the Mediterranean to Asia using fresh seasonal foods and spices mostly grown on our farm. It is an exercise and a passion to bring the “Cucina Povere” kitchen to my guests while they relax in an environment of green sustainable living, and an instant gratification and lasting transformations of yoga. It is with a great pleasure that I share this with everyone today.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” Albert Einstein.

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